Summer Plans

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So with us not doing the flea market during June,July, and August people have asked me,What we plan to do this summer? Well our Summer hours for business will be Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat 7 AM-2 PM & Tue & Thurs 7 AM-5 PM will be our hours for pick up orders. We start back at the flea market on Saturday September 7th and will be set up Saturdays 7 AM- 2 PM through April 25th,2020. Once we start back at the flea market our pick up place for Saturday will be at our booths at the flea market. We will only be selling Vape products,Oils and CBD. We will have new products with us also. We will still offer free WIFI, reloadable gift cards and our loyalty programs. We have our Birthday Club also. So that is our summer plans.

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