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I have managed to link two check outs with our .net website. You can check out with the Square and with PayPal. Both checkouts also take our gift cards. In the section you choose for payment scroll down click +gift card or add gift card enter the card # and hit apply. Your new total will show in your right hand side then you can finish the transaction. Our .net website is for pick up only if you want orders shipped in the U.S. you need to use the .com website. You can get our gift cards two ways. One is by joining our free birthday club and the month of your birthday you get a free $25 gift card each year you’re a member good for anything at our flea market booth or on our website where you can purchase the amount you want yourself. Those we load and will mail you if you are out of state, or you can pick them up at the flea market or our Mon-Fri location at the times we are open. As of right now our doesn’t take gift cards but I am working on it for the future. Right now that site only takes PayPal. I’ll be working adding the Square so both sites have the same processing systems. Our .com site won’t have CBD products because I don’t ship those, they are for pick up and the flea market only. I do have a website where you can purchase them for the same price and have them shipped just shoot me an email asking for the website or hit me up on messenger.

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